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Gorgeous red sunflower with a honey bee
Beautiful male bluebird, on a cherry tree branch in spring
Boothbay Harbor, ME - weather-worn dock posts
Sunrise in Maine - fog drifting along back shore of lake
Loon swimming on lake in northern Quebec
Providence, RI waterfire celebration
Stone bridge reflecting in water
Yawning Bengal tiger
Renaissance fair, NY - fairies
Red dahlia resting on a bench
Hot air balloon reflecting in water
White orchids
Tsankawi, Bandelier National Monument, NM
Cairn found on beach
Portland Head Lighthouse, Portland ME
Bee gathering nectar
White caterpillar curled up on dogwood tree leaf
Providence, RI sidewalk
Hot Air Balloon Festival, Albuquerque NM
Yosemite Park
Blue Heron standing on branch above the river
Junko sitting on a fence post in a snow storm
Ceiling at Alcatraz Prison
Muscle shell on dock
Fallen tree in Yosemite Park
Macro shot of Foxglove stalk, taken at botanical garden
Upper Falls, Yosemite Park
Mirror Lake, Yosemite Park
Shells on bench
Junko sitting on fence
Tiny spider that made a gorgeous web in my garden. Photo taken with a macro lens
Young girl splashing in water
Fencing on beach, Cape Cod
Sunset harbor sail, Newport RI
Saw Whet Owl
Female cardinal in snow
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